Know About These Places to Visit in Kolkata

Home to India’s rich cultural history, Kolkata has something to offer to everyone with options varying from gardens, lakes, churches, libraries and ancient temples to exquisite colonial architecture. You can also explore the political aspect of Kolkata with the consulates in close proximity to Kenilworth Hotel.

Kolkata holds a historical significance, reminiscent of being the capital of British India until 1911. It is also the heart of fine arts giving a myriad of options for artists and shoppers. The ‘city of joy’ brings happiness to everyone with shopping centres, eateries and amazing nightlife with the vibrant lights and colours of the city.

With the strategic location of Kenilworth Hotel near Park Street, you can either pick the option of your choice or enjoy everything in the city.

Best Kolkata Tourist Spots

Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial is a large building made of white marble and is dedicated to the empress of British India. An important part of colonial history, this is a worth visiting monument when in Kolkata.

a while building with garden in the foreground
Netaji Bhavan with rickshaw on the road

Netaji Bhawan

Netaji Bhawan is a memorial and a heritage building in Kolkata. It also serves as a research centre on the life of freedom fighter Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

Birla Temple

Built over 26 years, the Birla temple in Kolkata is located in Ballygunge. It is an exemplary work of art and architecture. Dedicated to lord Krishna and goddess Radha, the temple carries forward the cultural heritage of Kolkata and attracts numerous visitors every year.

a temple made with white stones
park street with vehicles moving during dusk

Park Street

The heart of Kolkata, Park Street is lined with shopping complexes and eateries serving the flavours of Kolkata. Along with the various options to shop from, Park Street is also a hub for music, drinks and food to add to your memories.

Shopping Malls

After a tiring walk through the hustle, that the quaint streets of Kolkata hold, you can have a relaxing time at the various malls in the city. Quest Mall amongst them is one must-visit. It is the biggest shopping mall in Kolkata with a plethora of national and international brands.

a woman holding a bunch of shopping bags