The Best Places to Experience in Goa

Utorda Beach

One of the less busy and clean beaches of Goa, Utorda is an unexplored gem that evokes peace and tranquillity. Utorda also offers attractions like churches, museums, and much more! Perfect for some downtime and unwinding, it is one of the places you should not miss. You can also opt to stay in one of Utorda Beach shacks. Some of the beach shacks here offer delectable dishes that will leave your mouth watering. Some famous shacks to visit here are Jamming Goat, Lloyd's Beach Shack and Balton's - The Reggae Shack. Sit back and relax, as you relish delicacies at these shacks.

a boat beached on the side between palm trees
Thrilling water sports in South Goa

Majorda Beach

Located in South Goa, Majorda is a beach which should not be missed by anyone who is in Goa. Beautifully decorated with coconut trees, Majorda Beach is one of the best places to explore in South Goa. You can also indulge in adventure sports like parasailing, water skiing, and many more.

Big Foot Museum

The Big Foot Museum is an open-air museum offering guests an opportunity to get in touch with history. The museum is run by the artist Mahendra Jocelino Araujo Alvares. Located in proximity to the museum are various restaurants and places where one can experience the real Goa. It is often regarded as one of the best South Goa attractions.

Museum in Goa with ancient pictures framed
Serence sandy beach with water flowing

Colva Beach

Colva Beach is a white sand beach that stretches for about 3 kilometres. The beach has various guest houses and beach shacks where one can spend a night or two. Amongst one of the well-known beaches of Goa, the beach is fairly busy round the year.

Three Kings Chapel

Known by many as a haunted site, the Three Kings Chapel is constructed in beautiful white architecture. Nature's ethereal beauty resides here, offering breathtaking views and a serenity found nowhere else.

A chapel in Goa painted white
beautiful hues of the Arossim beach as the sun sets

Arossim Beach

Arossim is a quaint beach perfect for those who wish to flee the chaos of overcrowded places. This beach is meant for that lazy time relaxing under the sun, playing in the sea, or learning some water sports.