An overview of a beach with rocks on the sands and a forest cover in the background

Discover the allure of Goa during the summer season. From sun-kissed beaches to vibrant festivals, explore the reasons why Goa is the ultimate summer destination. Stay at Kenilworth Resort & Spa for a luxurious retreat amidst the beauty of Goa.

The Holy Cross located above a Church building

Explore the rich heritage and spiritual significance of the churches in South Goa. From ancient relics to stunning architecture, delve into the allure of these sacred sites. Stay at Kenilworth Resort & Spa for a luxurious retreat amidst the serene beauty of South Goa.

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But amidst the many resorts, how do you choose the perfect haven for your love story? Look no further than Kenilworth Resort & Spa, Goa – a sanctuary designed to ignite romance and create lasting memories.

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Imagine pristine beaches, swaying palm trees, turquoise waters, and a laid-back atmosphere – that's the quintessential South Goa experience. In this blog, we will tell you about some of the most famous places in South Goa, waiting to be explored.

A pristine beach with brown sands and water overlapping on it and sky with different hues in the background

With a well-planned 3-day itinerary, you can immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of South Goa while experiencing the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.

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Confused about where to stay in Goa? Dive into the vibrant world of North Goa and the tranquil oasis of South Goa to figure out which suits your taste better.

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Explore yacht parties, casino nights, pool bashes, and unique ideas to make your bachelorette celebrations in Goa an unforgettable experience. Kenilworth Resort & Spa, Goa, offers the perfect blend of luxury and comfort for your Goa getaway.

three sets of hands holding different colours and posing during holi celebration

In the vibrant state of Goa, Holi takes on a unique flavour, blending traditional customs with the boisterous energy that defines this coastal haven.

facade of a church with blue sky

Goa's temples, soaked in history and culture, speak of devotion and heritage. Join us in uncovering these spiritual gems that echo tales of faith.

numerous food items on the table for a christmas feast that includes different meats and veggies

Forget the fancy dining spots, real Goan flavours are found in the hustle of the streets. Let's dive into the aperitive tastes of Goan street food, a must-try. 

A pristine beach with water overlapping the sand and trees on the beach and blue sky in the background

Venture off the beaten path, and you will discover a treasure trove of hidden gems, secluded beaches and charming corners that redefine the Goa experience. 

a decorated street with lights everywhere and people walking below enjoying the views

Goa transforms into a magical wonderland during the Christmas season. Let's explore the joyous celebrations and the enchanting atmosphere that make Christmas in Goa a truly unforgettable experience.

Backwaters view in Goa

Discover the exhilarating side of Goa beyond its renowned beaches and peaceful sunsets. Dive deep into its waters, soar high above its coastline, and savour the adrenaline surge from its varied adventure sports. From the thrilling waves to the cascading waterfalls, join us as we journey through the undiscovered landscapes of Goa, promising pulse-racing experiences for every adventure enthusiast.

sunset at utorda beach Goa

Ready for a beachside escape like no other? Dive into our guide on Utorda Beach in Goa, where pristine sands, thrilling water sports and delectable dining await. 

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This blog is your gateway to discovering the wildlife treasures of South Goa. From birdwatching in Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary to snorkelling in Palolem Island Reserve, these sanctuaries offer a diverse range of experiences.


South Goa has something magical in store for everyone, whether it's moonlight kayaking in Palolem or kayaking across Sylvan Siridao, Colva and Mobor Beach.


In this blog, we will guide you through the top 5 must-buy items that capture the essence of Goa's rich culture and coastal charm. Let's embark on this shopping extravaganza and explore the unique offerings that Goa has in store for you.

waves splashing the shore under warm -toned sky

Discover the top 5 beaches in South Goa where serenity, beauty and adventure come together to create an unforgettable beach vacation like no other. From secluded coves to bustling shores, these pristine gems await your exploration. Unravel the coastal charms of South Goa's finest beaches in this blog.

Monsoon season

Goa's monsoon season brings out the most in its natural beauty, including lush greenery, blossoming flowers and sparkling waterfalls. The peaceful beaches turn into secluded places ideal for relaxing walks. Discover the rich historical sites dotted across the area and immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture.

Wildlife sanctuary 1

Goa is well known for its beautiful beaches and energetic lifestyle, but it also has fascinating wildlife sanctuaries. These sanctuaries, which range from well-known havens to hidden gems, give a look into the area's vast biodiversity. Join us as we tour some of Goa's well-known and lesser-known wildlife sanctuaries.

A breathtaking aerial view of the resort in South Goa with swimming pool

Discover the perfect destination for your next family vacation in Goa at Kenilworth Resort and Spa, located just a stone's throw away from the pristine Utorda Beach.

Cave dwellings at Pandava Caves covered with fence

Goa is home to several magnificent caves that are often overlooked by visitors. These caves, hidden within the lush green forests and mountains, offer a glimpse into Goa's rich history and culture.

a waterfall cascading down a hill 5

Goa is celebrated for a number of reasons - seafood dishes, striking beaches, casinos, churches, nightclubs, and a number of waterfalls. Explore them now!

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Kenilworth Resort & Spa offers the perfect wellness offerings at its in-house spa, Myra. Rejuvenate & detox through a range of tailor-made treatments.

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Easter celebration in Goa is best observed in Panjim as people gather at Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church to observe mass and pray from the lord.

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If you are looking for the right time to be in Goa avoiding the crowds, then visiting Goa in April is the best thing you can do for yourself this year.

People dancing in colourful attire

Shigmo is one of the most popular festivals celebrated in the Indian state of Goa. Read to know more about the Goan Shigmo Festival

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Kenilworth Resort & Spa, Goa curates experiences found nowhere for your celebration of love. Valentine’s weekend getaways at our resort don’t just make your day special, but unforgettable.

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South Goa is the destination for you if you wish to experience the wildlife of Goa and engage in adventurous activities surrounded by dense forests. You may find an exciting combination of churches, pristine verdant flora, and remarkable tropical beaches in South Goa.

Man surfing in fresh water

Goa offers plenty of options for adventure seekers to discover the water activities in South Goa in as many ways as one desires, owing to its extensive coastline, sandy beaches, and clear skies.

beach side with lush green trees lining the shore

November to January is considered the best time to visit Goa for a tourist. During these months one gets to enjoy beaches, seafood, picturesque sunsets & more!

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Goa is the best place to spend your honeymoon. It offers poetic vistas of sunsets at beaches, thrilling activities & honeymoon resorts for a memorable sojourn!


A fantastic time to visit Goa is in November. Even while there is some rain now, it is not as much as it was during the height of the monsoon season, so you may plan a day at the beach, engage in water sports, or go sightseeing without fear of an unexpected downpour or thunderstorm.

a boat beached on the side between palm trees, a representative image for Utorda beach

Prepping for the holidays after having kids means something entirely different. The good news is that resorts are now making sure there are enough activities to keep your children entertained while you get some much-needed recreation. 

beach party with lights by the sea

New Year is the best time to be in Goa as the coastal state has a lot in its bag to offer. While North Goa gives the hyped party animal vibe with huge crowds gathering to celebrate, South Goa offers serene beaches to relax and hold a new year celebration in your own style.

facade of an old church

Carrying forward the rich colonial history, Goa habitates some of the most beautiful Churches in the country which are worth having a visit as you can know about Goa beyond the beaches.