Kenilworth - One of the Best Hotels near U.S. Consulate, Kolkata

Kenilworth hotel in Kolkata is located only 45 minutes from the airport and at the heart of Calcutta. Due to its location, it provides working professionals and diplomats with the utmost comfort in commute. The hotel is within walking distance of the U.S. Embassy and other various embassies like the U.K. and Australia among others, making the location of the hotel even more operational for diplomats. Kenilworth is one of the most esteemed hotels near U.S. Consulate, Kolkata.

A building tucked away behind trees with the flag of the US

Got a visa appointment or any work at the embassy? Worry no more, as Kenilworth is one of the best hotels near visa office Kolkata. The hotel also offers Premier Club Suites with butler service and express check-in, so you never have to wait.

overview of the massage room with massage table at Myra Spa - Spa in Kolkata - Kenilworth Hotel

The hotel is known for its accommodating nature and service to the needs of the visitors. It is a multi-storied building providing various facilities such as a gym, spa, and a grand lobby for guests to sit comfortably. Spas are extremely relaxing for working professionals who need to de-stress and unwind after a long and tiring day at the embassy.

interior view of Aromas Coffee Shop - Coffee Shop in Kolkata  - Kenilworth Hotel, Kolkata

For some recreational time away from hectic schedules, guests can relish refreshing drinks and food at our resto-bar Misbah, offering a range of innovative drinks and food. To start the morning, one can also indulge in the well-known breakfast spread at Kenilworth Hotel, Kolkata. The delectable dishes prepared by expert chefs are something you should not miss.

Many esteemed guests and VIPs frequent this establishment not just for the perfectly placed destination but the abundance of comfort and resources that the Kenilworth hotel provides its guests. M. F. Hossain and Satyajit Ray are amongst some of the well-known icons that have frequented this establishment.