Visiting Goa in November


A fantastic time to visit Goa is in November. Even while there are chances of rain, it is not as much as it is during the height of the monsoon season, so you may plan a day at the beach, engage in water sports, or go sightseeing without fear of an unexpected downpour or thunderstorm.

Why visit Goa in November?

Visiting Goa in November is magical! The gloomy clouds have vanished, being replaced by sunny days. In November, the average high and low temperatures are mild by Indian standards at 29.5°C and 23.8°C, respectively. There are rarely wet days in this month on average each year, however, they often only involve mild drizzle.

More Perks of Goa During November

Goa in November has more surprises awaiting you. Since it's still the off-season in November, there will be a lot fewer visitors than during the busy months of December to February. The cost of practically everything will decrease as a result. There will be cleaner streets and beaches. Goa will be the greenest at this time of year after the monsoon. Look stylish by wearing a hat and sunglasses. Pack your waterproof clothing before going as a precaution.


Things to do

If you are visiting Goa in November, do not miss out on the best beaches. You must visit Calangute beach! Don't pass up the opportunity to go there in November. Goa's weather, which has crisp, chilly air, is favourable to vacationers. The beach at Calangute is also referred to as the "Queen of Beaches" or goes by that moniker. It is also listed among the top ten beaches in Goa for lovers worldwide. Additionally, among the places to visit in Goa in November is Arambol Beach. because it is less crowded than Baga and Calangute beaches. The two well-known beaches that practically everyone is familiar with are Calangute and Baga Beach. This is the reason there are so many people on the beach.

Other Things to Try

Things to do in Goa in November are endless. After the rains, the waterfalls are roaring. They are at their most attractive and full. Visit the most well-known Dudhsagar while travelling through the verdant Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. It provides one of India's tallest cascades. Get a swim in the pool. Visit the Todo Waterfalls as well as the Arvalem Waterfalls, also known as the Harlem Waterfalls. Among the places to visit in Goa in November is the spice plantations. Get a tour guide. Become knowledgeable about identifying plants, herbs, fruits, rare blooms, and orchids. After the tour, take an elephant ride. These gentle giants are also able to be fed and even bathed. Finally, if you'd like, you can purchase freshly prepared spices and other herbal products. Travelling to Goa in November may leave behind cherishable memories, but do keep in mind the additional rain showers and carry an umbrella or a raincoat with you. The best part is you can cruise the river and see greenery all around. Be sure to stay at Kenilworth Resort & Spa when in Goa!