Street Food of Goa

Welcome to the street food paradise of Goa! Forget the fancy dining spots, real Goan flavours are found in the hustle of the streets. If you're looking for the best street food in Goa, you're in the right place! Let's dive into the symphony of tastes that make Goan street food a must-try.

Fish Thali: Seafood Bliss

Fish Thali is an absolute must-try if you're a seafood lover visiting Goa. A plate full of fresh fish and other delicacies with sides like rice, dal, veggies and roti - a seafood symphony on your plate.

fish thali
Red meat curry

Pork Vindaloo: Spicy Heritage on a Plate

Goa without Pork Vindaloo is like a beach without waves. This fiery delight, a legacy of Goa's Portuguese heritage, is a mix of spices, vinegar, garlic and ginger, and wraps pork in a flavour bomb.

Ros Omelette: Hearty Comfort Food

If you're roaming the streets of Goa looking for a simple and comforting snack, try Ros Omelette. A thick omelette swimming in spicy chicken gravy - a meal that hugs your taste buds.

an omelette served on a plate
chicken wings tray

Chicken Cafreal: Spice Extravaganza

Goan spices dance in Chicken Cafreal. Cooked to perfection after marinating in green cafreal paste- spicy, flavorful and oh-so-Goan.

Shawarma: Goa's Street Fusion

Goan vibes meet Middle Eastern delight in Shawarma. Thinly sliced meat, typically chicken or lamb, and fresh veggies accompanied by tangy sauce make this wrap an on-the-go favourite.

shawarma preparation
Pork sausage

Chorizo: Spice Legacy

Chorizo is an Indo-Portuguese legacy of Goa that has been passed on. A spicy pork sausage is a piece of Goa's history. With a mix of flavours using red chilli, garlic, pepper and cinnamon, it's a readily available spice pot perfect for an evening snack.

Bebinca: Christmas Sweetness

As Christmas nears, the aroma of Bebinca fills Goa's air. A layered cake with coconut milk, eggs and jaggery—a sweet labour of Christmas love.

sliced cake on a platter

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