North Goa vs South Goa

Ah, Goa! The land of sun-kissed beaches, swaying palms and vibrant experiences beckon travellers with its unique charm. But with two distinct regions, North Goa and South Goa, each pulsating with its own rhythm, the question arises: North Goa or South Goa? Explore the unique vibes, attractions and activities, and choose your perfect escape. Stay at Kenilworth Resort & Spa, Goa, where luxury meets comfort. Find your ideal Goa experience without missing a beat!

South Goa vs North Goa

South Goa's charm lies in its serenity. Evenings are filled with starlit skies, gentle bonfires on the beach, and the soothing rhythm of the waves. It's the perfect escape for couples, families seeking quality time and solo travellers yearning for inner peace. North Goa is all about the energy. If your idea of a perfect vacation involves vibrant energy, pulsating nightlife, and adventure around every corner, then North Goa beckons. From the bustling streets of Anjuna to the iconic beaches of Calangute and Baga, North Goa pulsates with life.

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Flea Markets in North and South Goa

North Goa is a paradise for shopaholics. Flea markets like the Anjuna Flea Market are treasure troves of handicrafts, souvenirs, and bohemian fashion. While not as abundant as in North Goa, you'll find charming local markets selling handcrafted souvenirs and beach essentials in towns like Margao and Colva.

Indulging Activities

South Goa caters to those who appreciate the finer things. Slow-paced beach strolls, yoga sessions by the sea, and water sports at Colva Beach, a rejuvenating spa treatment at Kenilworth Resort & Spa, your private sanctuary of wellness, define the leisurely activities here.

Let loose on Calangute or Baga Beach, where the music thumps until dawn and the party spirit is as contagious as a Goan sunset. You can also participate in water sports activities ranging from parasailing to jet skiing and windsurfing to banana boat rides.

White Water rafting in Goa
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Food in North and South Goa

South Goa offers a delectable mix of fresh seafood, Portuguese-inspired dishes, and Goan specialties like Xacuti and Vindaloo. Don't miss the local Bebinca dessert!

North Goa serves up a delicious mix of Goan, Indian, and international cuisines. From fresh seafood to spicy curries like chicken cafreal and delectable pancakes at beach shacks, your taste buds will be delighted.

Budget-Friendly Aspect

North Goa or South Goa which is better for a budget-friendly pocket? South Goa tends to be more budget-friendly with affordable accommodations and reasonably priced local eateries. North Goa, while offering budget options, may have higher-priced establishments due to its popularity. However, it depends on how well you can split your expenses and be mindful.


Whether you're drawn to the vibrant beats of North Goa or the tranquil rhythms of South Goa, your perfect escape awaits. Book your stay at Kenilworth Resort & Spa, Goa, get cosy in luxe rooms, and let the waves of the Arabian Sea serenade you into a blissful Goan retreat. Cheers to finding your slice of paradise!