All You Need to Know About Utorda Beach, Goa

Explore the serene beauty of Utorda Beach, nestled away from the tourist crowd in Goa. Discover its serene beach shacks, thrilling water sports and local cuisine. Learn about the best time to visit the beach and nearby attractions. Stay at Kenilworth Resort & Spa for a memorable beachfront experience and unmatched comfort. Uncover the hidden gems of Utorda Beach in this comprehensive guide.

Exploring Utorda Beach

Utorda Beach in South Goa is known for its white sand, clear waters and relaxed atmosphere. Being less crowded than its neighbours, this beach offers a distinct charm that's perfect for a peaceful escape. The soft, white sand stretches as far as the eye can see, ideal for leisurely strolls, simply lounging with a book or taking a refreshing dip in the Arabian Sea. Utorda Beach promises a serene and idyllic getaway, a secret paradise in the bustling landscape of Goa.

aerial view of a beach in goa
a person kayaking

Other Activities

Numerous charming beach shacks dot the coastline, providing the perfect spot to savour the coastal ambience, relax with a good book, sip on fresh coconut water or relish authentic Goan cuisine. For those craving adventure, Utorda Beach has you covered. This is a hub for water sports enthusiasts. Glide over the waves on an exhilarating jet ski, try parasailing for an adrenaline rush, or take a peaceful kayak ride along the coast. The options are abundant, ensuring that water sports lovers of all kinds can quench their thirst for adventure.

Best Time to Visit & Nearby Attractions

To make the most of your visit to Utorda Beach, timing is key. The dry season, spanning from October to March, offers the best weather for beach activities. During these months, the weather is mild and the sea is calm, making it ideal for swimming and water sports. However, it's also the peak tourist season, so expect larger crowds.
The strategic location of the beach allows you to explore the treasures of South Goa conveniently. A short drive will take you to Majorda Beach, known for its peaceful ambience and beachfront resorts. If you're intrigued by history, the ancient churches of Margao offer a glimpse into Goa's colonial heritage.

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An image of the Aquarius Cafe from afar

The Perfect Accommodation

Experience the beauty of Utorda Beach to the fullest by choosing to stay at Kenilworth Resort & Spa. Strategically positioned near the beach, our resort seamlessly blends comfort, convenience and luxury, making it the perfect home base for your Goan adventure. Unwind in well-appointed rooms ranging from Presidential Suite to Premier Club rooms, savour delectable cuisine at our restaurants, and pamper yourself with the array of amenities our hotel offers, which includes a spa, a swimming pool, a theatre, a tennis court and an Activities centre.

Dining by the Beach

As the sun sets, indulge your taste buds at our five distinct restaurants, each offering a unique dining experience. The Lobby Bar is our in-house lounge bar, perfect for unwinding with friends and family. For a fine-dining experience, The Palms awaits with its contemporary interiors and delectable cuisine. Salute, our Italian restaurant, is a haven for those craving authentic Italian flavours. Aquarius, our poolside cafe, offers a range of delicious dishes, while Kai, one of the best beach restaurants in South Goa, serves up lip-smacking seafood. Room service is also available, ensuring you can savour your favourite dishes in the comfort of your accommodation.

The outside seating area at Palms, the multi-cuisine restaurant - Kenilworth Resort & Spa, Goa

Utorda Beach, with its unspoiled beauty and abundant activities, promises an unforgettable escape on Goa's coastline. Whether you seek relaxation, adventure or exquisite dining, this coastal haven has something for every traveller. Make the most of your Utorda Beach experience by staying at Kenilworth Resort & Spa where luxury and convenience converge. Read this blog to find out the top 5 beaches in South Goa.