Thrilling Water Sports in South Goa

Man surfing in fresh water

Goa offers plenty of options for adventure seekers to discover the water activities in South Goa in as many ways as one desires, owing to its extensive coastline, sandy beaches, and clear skies. The waves of Goa have something for everyone, whether you are an amateur or an experienced water athlete. We have curated some of the best water sports in South Goa beaches that you can try out for a fantastic seaside vacation!

Speed Boat

A ride on a speed boat costs INR 400 and 500 for a 20-minute ride. One of Goa's most popular beaches is the alluring Colva Beach. The 2.5 km long beach is recognised for its smooth, white sands, and this beach is bordered by coconut palms that wave in the wind, adding to its charm. With shacks, clubs, and gift shops all around, this beach appears picturesque. If you're looking for exhilarating water sports in South Goa, Colva Beach won't let you down. In addition to speed boating as the main attraction, this location also offers jet-skiing, paragliding, parasailing, snorkelling, and motorboat excursions.

speedboat water sports in south goa beaches
People sitting inside a kayak doing Kayaking


Kayaking is an ideal water sports activity in Goa for individuals who prefer to spend the afternoon paddling around the lagoons and hinterlands. Palolem Beach is one of the best beaches in South Goa for kayaking, costing around INR 600 to 1000. You may kayak into the water and take in the breathtaking sunsets while engaging in this peaceful pastime.

Scuba Diving

Grande Island is the ideal location in South Goa for adventurous scuba diving. This island, which is only a few kilometres from Vasco da Gama in South Goa, is readily accessible by yacht from Bogmalo Beach. Scuba diving is possible in the ideal environment where both experienced and novice divers may dive easily in the shallow seas. Experience the best scuba diving in South Goa, where you can get a close-up view of marine life. There are several aquatic creatures to see, including coral reefs, sea urchins, lobsters, and starfish. Scuba Diving on this island costs around INR 1500.

scuba diving in south goa with coral reefs and fish
people parasailing above the beach , a significant part of South Goa attractions


In South Goa, there are several thrilling adventure sports to participate in, and parasailing is one of them. Parasailing is a great way to feel like you are in heaven on earth if you are an adventure seeker who enjoys rides. The speedboat below will be controlling a parasailor. Your bucket list should undoubtedly include participating in parasailing in South Goa. Parasailing in Majodra Beach ranges from INR 500 to 800.

Kenilworth Resort & Spa is an ideal place if you want to spend your day in a large swimming pool with water slides. The resort is located on Utorda Beach, known as Goa's cleanest beach, and has luxurious accommodations for a perfect vacation in South Goa!