Sightseeing Places In South Goa

An overview of a beach with rocks on the sands and a forest cover in the background

South Goa's charm lies in the mark left behind by the Portuguese colonial era. Beautiful churches, beaches with golden sand, Portuguese architecture, and delicious local cuisine are all hallmarks of South Goa. Unlike the northern part of the state, South Goa is serene and perfect for people wishing to escape the chaos of the city and stay in tranquillity.

Cabo De Rama Fort

Situated 28 km from Margao in South Goa, Cabo De Rama Fort has been reduced to ruins. Do not let this deter you from visiting this fort, which is one of the most-visited sites in Goa. You can also visit the Saint Antonio Church during your trip to this ancient fort. The view of the Arabian Sea from the fort is breathtaking and transports you to a serene state of mind.

Hill-top view of Cabo de Rama Beach featuring blue ocean water  under clear blue sky
The Holy Cross located above a Church building

The Church Of Our Lady Of Remedios 

This 17th-century structure built by the Jesuits is located in Betalbatim. The church's regular masses are renowned for the sense of peace they instil in their believers. Apart from the peaceful masses, the premises of the church are well-maintained and beautiful, making it one of the must-visit sightseeing spots in South Goa.

Palolem Beach 

Palolem Beach is a beautiful horseshoe-shaped beach, boasting white sand and calm waters, and dotted with green palm trees. It is famous among backpackers, thanks to the shacks in the northern portion of the beach, which makes it the perfect place to unwind in a laid-back atmosphere. You could also hop on a boat and embark on a dolphin-spotting cruise from this picturesque beach in South Goa.

beach side with trees and clear blue sky
a turtle swimming

Galgibaga Beach

If you wish to spot turtles while sightseeing in South Goa, head to Galgibaga Beach. This is a protected area that is a nesting ground for Olive Ridley turtles. The beach is not crowded and offers stunning views of the sunset along with ample privacy for those who wish to stray away from the crowd in South Goa.

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