Family Resort in Goa

A breathtaking aerial view of the resort in South Goa with swimming pool

Prepping for the holidays after having kids means something entirely different. The good news is that resorts are now making sure there are enough activities to keep your children entertained while you get some much-needed recreation.

Why visit Goa with family?
Goa is a location renowned for its colourful culture, accepting population, and incredible way of life, earning it the moniker of "party paradise." However, did you realise that it may also be a fantastic location for family vacations? The best place to stay in Goa depends on a number of things from accessibility to kids' playgrounds and also privacy. Here is why you should look for a family resort in Goa.

Spend Family Time on the Beach

The numerous beaches are without a doubt Goa’s most outstanding feature. While Anjuna Beach is more suitable for partying and perusing the neighbourhood flea market, visit beaches like Utorda and Majorda for a more tranquil day. Play a game of frisbee as a family, assist your children in creating sandcastles, or splash around in the sea. You may hire surfboards here on an hourly basis. Don't forget to try sailing and other water sports as well

lucid blue waters of the coast surrounded by greenery
Greenery by the coastline

Things to do in Goa with Family

Among the best resorts in south Goa for family, the ideal location should be one that is close to the beach but not far away from the wild. Wildlife trips like the one at Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary, where you may see a variety of flowering plants and indigenous plants as well as numerous birds and animals, are enjoyable for nature lovers. The Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary offers energising wildlife tours where you may see wild boar, wild dogs, sambar, spotted deer, and porcupine.

Where to stay?

One of the best resorts in South Goa for family is Kenilworth Resort & Spa. The resort, a haven of tranquil comfort, is a favourite among leisure and business travellers as well as international charters. Being one of the best resorts in Goa for family, it features lavish lodgings, sumptuous eating areas, impressive event spaces, retro-chic amenities, a posh spa, and a huge family-style pool! A short drive of roughly 30 minutes will take you to the international airport and 10 minutes will take you to Majorda Railway Junction from the 5-star hotel in South Goa. The resort comes with a private beach in Goa because the resort is situated a short distance from the renowned Utorda Beach. Multiple dining options at the resort make it the best place to stay with family in Goa.