Best Time to Visit Kolkata

Humidity, busy narrow lanes, the smell of chai early in the morning and the smell of rolls and phuchkas in the evening are all characteristic to Kolkata. A city that boasts of modernity while maintaining colonial structures. It is crucial for the weather to be on your side when exploring this culturally rich place so read on and select what the best time to visit Kolkata for you might be. 

Peak Season (September to February)


The cool and dry season is welcomed by the locals every year and is the best season to visit Kolkata. You might bear witness to some of the festivities being celebrated on a massive scale during these months which makes it the perfect time to immerse yourself in the culture. You might bear witness to the grand Durga Pujo that falls anywhere between September to October. Do go pandal-hopping and feast your eyes on the creative lights and decorations throughout the city. Other festivals celebrated during this season include Kali Pujo during Diwali, Christmas and Sarawati Pujo. The streets are crowded during this time of the year and the flight prices might be higher than usual. 


an image of devi durga and her children the time of Immersion
a building in Park Street in Kolkata

Shoulder Season (March to May)

The weather is now warmer and humid so be prepared to set out on a sweaty day of exploration. The benefit of visiting during this season is that the crowd of tourists dwindles in an already bustling city and thus, provides some relief from the masses. This is the perfect season to avail better deals and discounts.

Monsoon Season (June to August)

If you're drawn to the charm of sipping chai and indulging in pakodas while children joyfully leap over puddles after school, June to August is the best time to go to Kolkata. During these months, Kolkata dons a shade of grey as rain and lightning thunder across the city, offering the lowest prices and discounts. Relish the stunning views of the overflowing Ganga from one of the city's ghats or explore the diverse culinary delights while the rain pours outside.

a view of Victoria memorial from afar with the grass area on either side and a walkway leading to the memorial

Kolkata, with its year-round offerings, cannot be confined to just one season. The city is alive with festivities, as its residents embrace each day with joyous fervour. Experience this vibrancy at Kenilworth Hotel, Kolkata, where every day is a celebration. Should the weather deter your city explorations, fear not, Aromas presents an extensive menu to keep your taste buds delighted. And after a bustling day, unwind in the comfort of our hotel, which provides a diverse range of accommodation options to suit your needs.