Christmas Celebration in Kolkata

christmas decoration on the streets of Kolkata

Feliz Navidad! It's that beautiful time of the year again when we celebrate joy. Observed on the 25th of December, Christmas is celebrated worldwide to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. What better way to exchange gifts, hugs and memories during Christmas than witnessing it on the streets of Kolkata? Stay with us at Kenilworth and witness the beauty of Kolkata during Christmas.

The chilly winters of December are filled with a wave of triumph and excitement during Christmas. Park Street is undeniably one of the best places to visit in Kolkata during Christmas. The heart of festivities, Park Street, is illuminated with bright fairy lights, LED lights and a 3 m tall Christmas tree. This street is decked with music systems that play upbeats like Silent Night, Jingle Bell Rock, Feliz Navidad and more. Apart from that, this street is crowded with people who enjoy baked delicacies at Flury's as a yearly ritual. Visitors here also relish duck and turkey roasts at restaurants on Park Street. The pavements are filled with vendors who sell goodies like Santa's hats, Christmas decor, plastic toys, etc.

christmas decoration on the streets of Kolkata
a man dressed up as santa claus

With the perfect plum cake aroma and shimmering Christmas lights, The City of Joy offers numerous activities to do during Christmas. Park Street is undoubtedly the best place to celebrate Christmas in Kolkata. However, tourists can visit other places like Allen Park, St. Paul's Cathedral, Nahoum & Sons - a Jewish bakery or the old Portuguese and French colonies, namely Bandel and Chandan Nagore.

Allen Park is a public space that is bejewelled with bright lights and food stalls. Delicacies like pork vindaloo, rum balls, coconut macaroons, rose cookies, homemade wine, kebabs, etc., are sold to satiate everyone's cravings. During this time, convent school students from across the state diligently put up earnest talent shows for free. Moving forward, one can also visit St. Paul's Cathedral - one of Kolkata's oldest and most prominent cathedrals. This cathedral holds midnight mass, choirs and carols. Adorned with Christmas trees, bells, and streamers, this cathedral welcomes people from different faiths to celebrate the festival together. Another well-known destination for Christmas celebrations is Bow Barracks. This is home to many Anglo-Indian communities and one of the most beautiful places to visit during Christmas. Visitors can also spot the cavern where the locals pray.

christmas decoration on the streets of Kolkata
trees decorated with lights during christmas

Tourists and locals never fail to visit New Market or Mirza Ghalib Street for their Christmas goodies. The Victoria Memorial and Elliot Park are two other places that are popular for celebrating Christmas. Children and teenagers visit Victoria Memorial for the treats distributed by Santa Claus. People from local clubs and non-profit organizations dress up as Santa to hand out presents and chocolates. Located opposite to the Tata Steel Office and spread across 90,000 sq. ft., Elliot Park is a hub for youngsters during Christmas. Embellished with thematic lighting, this park offers a picturesque city view.

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