Why You Must Visit Park Street in Kolkata

a building in Park Street in Kolkata

The 'city of joy', Kolkata, welcomes visitors with open arms and a wide variety of things to do. One of the most bustling places in the city is Park Street, which is popularly known as the ‘street that never sleeps’. The Street stretches from Chowringhee Road in the south-eastern direction to Park Circus Crossing. Park Street in Kolkata is lined with pubs, restaurants and several other interesting places to hang out and partake in a myriad of activities. Here are a few reasons for you to visit Park Street, Kolkata, and make the most out of your trip.

Vibrant Nightlife

As lively as this place is during the day, the sunset does not affect its charm at all. At night, Park Street comes to life due to a large number of bars and nightclubs. From the iconic Trinca's to the more modern Monkey Bar, there is something for everyone here. You can also attend various live performances by local musicians in some of the bars making this street known for its live music scene.

silhouette of people in blue disco light
victoria memorial surrounded by lush green lawn

Colonial Architecture

Park Street is dotted with beautiful colonial buildings that add to the beauty of the place. The street is lined with grand old buildings including the Asiatic Society, St. Xavier’s College and Park Mansions where you can witness the amazing views of colonial structures and click pictures with these marvels. The grandeur of this place is intriguing enough to make you want to know more about each and every building and its history.

Festive Vibes

It is a well-established fact that India is a land of festivals, but Kolkata knows how to celebrate life! Festivities in Park Street begin with the lighting up of the street during Durga Puja and are continued up until New Year. It gives the street a festive aura that fills you with cheer and merriment.

christmas decoration on the streets of Kolkata
Indian street food fuchka with mint water

Street Food

A visit to Kolkata and not sampling the local fare is a crime. Known for its street food, Park Street is a haven for those whose taste buds are a little too active. From a 5-star meal to jhalmuri and puchka on the street, you can get everything at Park Street at a reasonable price. If you want to try the heritage food of Kolkata, you can head to Flury's for the yummy cakes, Arsalan for the flavourful Biriyani, or to Indian Coffee House for hot coffee and various other dishes. If you're looking for such lavish feasts, visit the restaurants in Kenilworth Hotel. You can relish some of the most scrumptious treats with a great ambience at Aromas, Ovenfresh and Chef’s Table.

Street Shopping

Satiate the shopper in you at Park Street. You can shop at New Market and lay your hands on a variety of jewellery, handicraft items and other great local souvenirs. If you are a bibliophile, then this is the perfect place for you - Park Street is home to the well-known Oxford Bookstore, where you can bury yourself under the hundreds of books available.

a girl holding books in her hand and reading one more with her other hand

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