Book Fairs in Kolkata

shelves with books kept on them

Kolkata is known for being a cultural hub. One of the age-old traditions that keep the values of Kolkata alive is the book fair. The star of the show, the International Kolkata Book Fair, saw its 46th annual edition this year. Every winter witnesses the ecstatic boi mela (translated to book fair) where books from every genre and language are displayed. Having earned a permanent spot on the city’s cultural calendar, the International Book Fair Kolkata witnesses more than 900 publishers and around 20 participating countries.

International Book Fair in Kolkata 2023

The International Book Fair began on January 30, 2023 and lasted till February 12. Each year, the fair chooses a theme country, and in 2023, the featured country was Spain. The fair hosted 25 Spanish authors including Luis Garcia Montero, David Trueba, Jordi Gracia and more. Some of the other participating countries include first-time entry Thailand, Italy, France, Japan, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Bangladesh and Australia to name a few. It was hosted at Salt Lake and celebrated literature’s departed stalwarts of 2022.

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New Town Book Fair

New Town Book Fair is known for its dynamic bookshops and soirees that make it stand out. A number of stalls are set up that sell a range of hard-to-find books from across the globe. In past years, the book fair also witnessed musical performances from icons like Usha Uthup and Anupam Roy as well as the famous National Poetry Festival. In 2022, the fair’s theme country was Bangladesh. To commemorate the occasion, a Bangladeshi pavilion was built on the site.

Scholastic Book Fair

Scholastic Book Fair is one of the most popular book fairs in the country. It was established to spread interest and promote the habit of reading amongst school-going children. The fair is known for proffering educational as well as recreational books that would entice the younger crowd. It started off as a channel to instil reading as a form of entertainment and not a compulsion.

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a girl holding books in her hand and reading one more with her other hand

Haltu Book Fair

Books always own a special place in our hearts. If the smell of books excites you, then Haltu Book Fair is a must-visit. It is host to a number of stalls that sell books from different genres like romance, thriller, educational, crime, comedy, action, sci-fi and more. Haltu Book Fair is a popular book festival that takes place on Haltu Main Road.

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