Nightlife in Kolkata

Kolkata's nightlife offers a distinctive blend of sophistication and relaxed revelry. As night falls, the city's vibrant spirit comes alive, with streets flickering with lights and music resonating from bars and clubs, signalling the start of an electrifying evening. The city is celebrated for its clubs, historic bars, and rooftop lounges. 

Historic Venues and Live Music


Nightlife in Calcutta calls for a trip to Trincas - a famous jazz club. Watch Willie Walter's Jazz Quartet come to life in this club, which was established in 1959. Fill your stomach with classic dishes and unwind with drinks in this vintage club for a memorable night out.

Beyond Trincas, venues like The Grid are popular among indie enthusiasts, where you can always discover your next favourite emerging musician. For a more refined experience, The Calcutta Club provides a sophisticated evening for guests who appreciate jazz and blues.

jazz performance
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A Night Spent in Bars and Nightclubs 

Head to Roxy for unique cocktails or Aqua if you wish to drink by a pool. The bars in the city exude a sophisticated vibe while still maintaining a casual atmosphere. Park Street is the best locale to hunt for a bar that will serve delicious drinks and food for the night.

For a younger crowd, Nocturne is the place to be, as it pulsates loud music and has a happening dance floor. For international music, UG Reincarnated is your go-to option.

Beyond Clubs and Bars

Nandan is famous for late-night Bengali movie screenings and artistic plays and is a major cultural hub in Kolkata. Kolkata nightlife is not just restricted to parties and alcohol but also an exchange of thoughts and ideas in the form of music, acting, and dancing. You can also go walking on the banks of the Hooghly River. Kolkata is cosmopolitan, so you can relax once the sun sets and let the city wash itself over you.

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