Famous Street Food in Kolkata

Mashed chickpea topped with veggies

In the lively metropolis of Kolkata, the streets burst with the alluring fragrance of its globally renowned street cuisine. From the zesty flavour of Puchka to the delectable satisfaction of Kathi Rolls, every mouthful is a tribute to the city's diverse culinary legacy. Join us on a culinary adventure through the lively streets, uncovering the treasures of Kolkata's street food scene.


The undisputed king of Kolkata's street food, puchka is an explosion of textures and tang. Imagine tiny, crispy puris filled with spiced mashed potatoes, dunked in tamarind water and green chutney. One bite, and you'll be hooked. Each pop is a flavour fiesta, leaving you chasing vendors for "just one more!" You can find them at almost any street corner.

Puchka with chickpea filling and tamarind water
Meat dipped in saucy chutney and grilled with chopped vegetables

Dragon Chicken

Kolkata's Chinatown throws a fiery punch with Dragon Chicken. Tender chicken pieces are bathed in a secret spice blend, deep-fried till crispy and served with scallions and chilies. Prepare for a flavor dragon that breathes heat and deliciousness!

Ghugni Chaat

This rich, creamy chickpea curry is a vegetarian's delight. Slow-cooked with onions, tomatoes, and aromatic spices, ghugni chaat is often served with chopped onions, chilies and coriander, a textural and taste bud playground. It's perfect for a quick bite or a shared snack with friends. Dacre Lane is your go-to spot for this Kolkata street food.

Chickpea salad topped with onions and tomatoes served in a bowl
Vegetables wrapped in a soft roti

Kathi Rolls

Kathi rolls as a street food in Kolkata has achieved legendary status. A symphony of flavour and delight is created when perfectly grilled marinated meat or paneer is wrapped in a paratha with onions, tomatoes and tangy, spicy chutney. Pick your filling - chicken, mutton, egg, or even vegetables - and enjoy the taste explosion that comes with each bite. There are numerous options to fit your taste, from the famous Nizams to street sellers around every corner. Remember to add some extra zest by sprinkling chopped onions and squeezing in some lemon!

Jhal Muri


This puffed rice salad is a refreshing snack on the go and is a street food staple, light and healthy yet bursting with flavour. Tossed with chopped onions, tomatoes, chilies, coriander, a squeeze of lemon and spices, jhal muri is the perfect anytime snack to keep your taste buds tingling. Find vendors selling Jhal Muri almost anywhere in the city, from bustling markets like Dacre's Lane to quiet street corners.

Puffed rice mixed with tangy chutney and groundnuts
Deep fried flat bread with mashed potato curry

Luchi & Aloo Dom

This famous street food in Kolkata is heaven to the taste buds. Luchi, deep-fried flatbreads, are pillowy soft and perfect for scooping up the rich, potato-based aloo dom, a gravy simmered with onions, spices and sometimes paneer. Try them at Fairlie Place, the Central Business District for an authentic experience.



Craving something crispy and crunchy? Try beguni (battered and fried eggplant) or telebhaja, a catch-all term for anything deep-fried, from pakoras to fritters. These crispy, golden bites are the perfect way to satisfy your crunchy cravings over a cup of steaming chai with your friends or family. Dip them in chutney for an extra zing! Every street corner in Kolkata seems to have a vendor frying up these delicious treats, so take your pick and indulge!

crispy and golden deep fried eggplant

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