IT Parks in Kolkata

A view of an office building from below

As the sun rises over the bustling metropolis of Kolkata, a new era dawns upon the city with the rise of its IT and tech parks. These dynamic hubs of innovation and technological prowess have transformed the landscape of Kolkata, attracting both domestic and international companies seeking to capitalise on the city's burgeoning IT sector.


Nestled in the heart of Rajarhat, New Town, DLF IT Park stands as one of Kolkata's pioneering IT parks. Sprawling across acres of modern infrastructure, this park has become a hub for global IT giants and startups alike. Its cutting-edge amenities, lush green spaces and innovative workspaces create a vibrant environment conducive to collaboration and growth. DLF IT Park is approximately 12 km away from Kenilworth Hotel on Russell Street. A commute of around 30 mins takes you from the lap of luxury to the heart of technological brilliance.

A view of buildings from afar
A view of office building from below

Imagine Tech Park

Located in Sector V, Salt Lake City, Imagine Tech Park has established itself as a leading destination for IT and technology-driven businesses. Its prime location and well-designed facilities have made it a preferred choice for companies seeking to leverage Kolkata's rapidly expanding technology ecosystem. Imagine Tech Park is approximately 8 km away from Kenilworth Hotel, offering a smooth and convenient travel experience for professionals and visitors.

Infinity Think Tank

Infinity Think Tank adds to Kolkata's prowess in the IT sector. Situated in the bustling Sector V of Salt Lake City, this park is renowned for fostering innovation, creativity and collaboration among its diverse range of resident companies. It offers the perfect blend of business and leisure amenities, making it an attractive destination for both companies and employees. Infinity Think Tank is conveniently located around 7 km away from Kenilworth Hotel, allowing guests to easily explore the city's attractions while staying connected to the tech world.

Two buildings in view with the sky in the background
A view of office buildings from below of the glass enclosure

Sector V, Salt Lake City

Sector V in Salt Lake City, often referred to as the "IT Hub of Kolkata", deserves special mention. While it may not be a single IT park, this region houses a multitude of IT and tech companies in various buildings and complexes. The area is teeming with startups, software development firms and global enterprises that have contributed significantly to Kolkata's rise as a technological powerhouse. Sector V, Salt Lake City is approximately 8 km away from Kenilworth Hotel, making it a convenient choice for business travellers looking to immerse themselves in Kolkata's vibrant tech culture.

Webel IT Park

Webel IT Park, located in Rajarhat, is another significant addition to Kolkata's IT landscape. Developed by West Bengal Electronics Industry Development Corporation, the park is dedicated to fostering the growth of electronics and IT industries in the state. It offers a favourable ecosystem for startups and established companies alike. Webel IT Park is situated approximately 13 km away from Kenilworth Hotel, providing visitors with a glimpse of Kolkata's diverse neighbourhoods during their commute.

A view of office buildings from afar with the sun shining on one building

The various IT parks in Kolkata have transformed the city into a thriving technological hub, attracting businesses from across the globe. With state-of-the-art facilities and strategic locations, each tech park in Kolkata continues to drive innovation and foster collaboration among businesses. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a tech enthusiast or a curious traveller, Kolkata's IT parks promise an unforgettable experience at the crossroads of technology and tradition.

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